Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hi , as the title suggests, I am a bike commuter , not one of those with their fancy bikes and fancy biker clother , the other kind that dress kind of funny , tights and t-shirts when the sun is shining or tights and a rain jacket in winter . No fancy streamlined bikes with skinnies here , just an old beater with fat knobbies with a seat for a kid in the back and to hold the groceries when I am coming through the shouk . I am one of the breed that kids snigger at when their school bus passes by and the grownups in their cars ( isn't that the way all grownups you know travel) either passively wish you were not there or actively try to make it happen . In winters they love to spray as they pass by and in summers just honk more puposefully . Well you get the idea . All year round we brave the elements and the cars and buses for one simple reason , we , and here I am taking liberty in speaking in the multiple , love it . Nothing beats riding to work , the best caffeine fix , the best way not to get stuck in a traffic jam , the best way to feel good that my 7 km commute burnt a mere 250 calories instead of 12600 calories had I taken a car and didnt release any nauseous hydrocarbons into the atmosphere . It lets you leave behind the work , the boss and all the frayed nerves behind . So all in all it ain't such a bad deal . you can sit in your car at the traffic light while watching my rear or you can join me .
The blog is not just about biking , but it is in the same spirit , using technology that is efficient and essentialy sustainable , aimed at reducing one's footprint on the earth . Easier done on a bike than a 3500cc Chevy .


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