Saturday, April 04, 2009

They water lawns with mineral water

Ein Gedi (Hebrew: עֵין גֶּדִי‎, lit. Kid Spring (as in young goat); KJV Bible Engedi) is an oasis in Israel, located west of the Dead Sea, close to Masada and the caves of Qumran. Location [show location on an interactive map] 31°27′N 35°23′E / 31.45°N 35.383°E / 31.45; 35.383. It is known for its caves, springs, and its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Ein Gedi is mentioned several times in biblical writings, for example, in the Song of Songs; "My beloved is unto me as a cluster of henna flowers in the vineyards of Ein Gedi" (1:14). According to Jewish tradition, David hid from Saul in the caves here; "And David went up from thence, and dwelt in the strongholds of Ein Gedi" (1 Samuel 24:1). A kibbutz, founded in 1956, is located about a kilometer from the oasis. It offers various tourist attractions and takes advantage of the local weather patterns and the abundance of natural water to cultivate out-of-season produce. Prior to the founding of the kibbutz, the Ein Gedi area had not been permanently inhabited for 500 years.
Wikipedia A random series of thoughts beginning from my greywater system to bottled water , Kibbutz Ein Gedi with it's many manicured lawns , they probably use the same water that they charge 4 shekels for two liters for watering their lawns in an absolutely arid area . Here is what haaretx said about Ein Gedi a few years back . Makes one think of the sustainability of agriculture in the Biqa valley as well .


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