Monday, August 21, 2006

Carbon Rationing


Carbon Cards: Lifeline for Planet or Big Brother?
Filling up the car at the gas station could take a few seconds longer in future -- to deduct points from your personal "greenhouse gas" ration card.

Issuing every citizen with an electronic card to encourage them to reduce energy use is one of the most radical ideas for curbing reliance on fossil fuels, widely blamed for global warming.

The article goes on to talk about how it would not work in USA , quotas are too direct a reminder to the 'other' from the cold war era I presume . But fuel rationing is not somethig unknown . In Israel , I am told , during the 80's each car had a tag denoting which day of the week it was not allowed to be on the road . The story goes on that all the religious people went and got tags for 'shabbat' ( sabbath - saturday ) a day they don't drive . Well trust the Jewish brain for a workaround !!!


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