Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fruit trees everywhere

For all of you who have wondered why trees in the city are just ornamentals and not something that can provide food , the city of Manchester is going ahead with a plan to plant fruit trees, vegetables , establish bee hives in all public parks .Sounds like a wonderful idea to educate and to utilize unused urban areas to grow food .
Fruit tree revolution Exclusive Yakub Qureshi April 21, 2009 THOUSANDS of fruit trees and bushes are to be planted in Manchester - with an invitation to `Help Yourself'. Vegetable patches and beehives will also be set up as part of the £200,000 scheme. The council fears local children don't know where fruit comes from. The plans involve: Putting fruit and nut trees or vegetable patches in each of the city's 135 parks and woods Planting 20,000 strawberry, raspberry and soft fruit bushes around the city Setting up beehives in a dozen parks and allotments Planting free herbs such as mint and parsley in every city park
The whole story here .

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