Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Solar glass

New technology that allows solar cells to be applied directly onto glass while still retaining it's transparency . The story here

[blockquote]XsunX specializes in the development of unique solar cell designs and manufacturing processes that reduce the cost per watt of solar power and increase its potential applications. Unlike today’s rigid solar cells, all of the XsunX designs to date are completely flexible. Imagine what this flexible power makes possible!

XsunX first solar cell technology, called Power Glass™, can be applied to glass windows allowing them to generate electricity while still remaining largely transparent. XsunX is also developing an opaque solar cell that is so thin and flexible that it can be integrated into other building materials, such as roofing and siding. The possibilities are virtually endless[/blockquote]

The Green Skeptic
The material has it's merit but I am a bit uncertain about this technology , maybe just because of lack of information .

  • The article doesn't state clearly whether it can be applied onto existing glazing or it is somethig that is at a manufacturing stage . If it is in the latter then would people get rid of old glazing to take advantage of this technology ? This as we know will end up in the city dump.

  • Does the application os XsunX allow for the recycling of glass ?

  • And how green is this technology really if it promotes use of large glazings , aluminum , elements that can be recycled but are very energy intensive in production .
  • Does the use of this technology offset the additional energy costs that we will incurr due to large glazed areas ?

  • Maybe we are once again trying to convince ourselves that we can continue living the way we have become accustomed to .


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