Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bike Sunday

We all know the Bike friday , the incredible folding bike , but this is about the Bike Sunday or saturday here in Israel . I am talking about the Yom Kippur or he Day of Atonement . Something increddible happens on Yom Kippur , while the religious fast , all vehicular traffic comes to a standstill and everyone who is not weak from fasting comes out on the streets with their bikes , skateboards and what nots . Imagine your three year old riding in the middle of the main traffic artery !! It is an incredibly liberating feeling to so kids , people with prams , dogs and almost everybody else walking bang in the centre of the road assured that they will no one will run them over . There is a skeleton essential services traffic but with the silence so complete it is not difficult to amble away from the road .

Now why can't we have Yom Kippur everyday ?!!


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