Monday, August 28, 2006

Shop till you drop , it's ok if it's green

A few days back in an interview in Treehugger Joel Makeover claimed that the biggest eco-myth doing the rounds is that
.. we can shop our way to environmental health .
And I can't agree with him more . Every green page is flooded with green links , which invariably point to sites selling green prducts . Do we need all of these things albeit being green ? I hold the view that one of the basic tenets of going green is following the three R's which are namely reduce , reuse and recycle . To buy less would be a very logical conclusion but somehow I see that there is a wide chasm there , a leap in logic , the message going out is that it's ok to buy your guts out provided it is green . Even Joel falls prey to this belief , with his love for fast cars and business/manufacturing models that adopt a greener approach but the bottom line remains the same , sell , sell , sell . Acoording to Nicholas Parker of Cleantech Venture network
It’s about money, Mr. Parker said. And venture capitalists are clamoring to get in. In the first two quarters, venture capitalists invested $379 million in 30 cleantech companies, according to the National Venture Capital Association. That is up from $230.8 million in 27 companies in all of 2005.
Read the rest here .

It's no wonder that green products are one of the fastest growing sectors , we can continue being the same voracious consumers but with a clear conscience !!


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