Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planting log 130509

The garden is picking up, well sort of . It still isn't overrun by plants but gradually we can see some greenery . And considering the state we were in , if we produce food this season , it will be a big bonus .

The herb patch on the Hugelkultur bed , lavender , sage , basil and a tiny tomato seedling.

The Hugelkultur terrace, logs of wood held in place with metal stakes , actually scrap iron bars , filled with goodness of rotting wood .

Greywater tank filter with the salvaged mulch

Tomatoes ..

Beans for some nitrogen fixing . I took a handful of organic store bought beans and threw them all over the place .

The almond..

The plum..

And zucchini , the only plant that seems to understand the urgency .

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